Drive sales with Deep Insights in Consumer Behavior

Plug and Play App for IP Cameras

Visualise ON-IQ Vision™ empowers you to consumer behaviour, hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks to gain deep insights for better customer relations.

Strategic Insights ON-IQ Vision™ delivers customised insights into their store layout, products, brands and promotions positioning, to constantly improve all areas of their stores to maximise their traffic/sales ratio and get new revenue from suppliers for prime space product placement.

Increase Revenues Retailers are facing strong competition on the high street to maintain and grow revenue and market share.Their online stores have been able to provide many metrics to better understand customers and improve sales – now retailers are looking to gain similar metrics from traditional high street stores to help them to compete more efficiently.

Loss Prevention All areas of the retailer are being challenged to add value over and above the areas they are responsible for and Loss Prevention can be key in providing key customer insights to the business from traditional surveillance systems.


ON-IQ Vision™ edge device is the fastest and simple technology used for actionable insights through quantifiable data and trends to better understand your customer behaviour and increase business profits.
ON-IQ Vision™ Platform helps small and medium sized retailers in making important strategic and operational decisions.

How it works?

Connect any IP camera to our Vision Compute Unit and get instant customer insights.

Camera support

We are supporting ONVIF IP cameras and happy to advice on the available cameras in consideration to your requirements. Else, use your existing cameras to plug and play.


Store Layout Mapping

Through customer In-store movement, data driven analytics can help retailers optimize their storelayout, discover flow map beyond the traditional surveillance camera capabilities. Our ML based compute device app can help captures in-store traffic flow and understands how customers typically navigate through the store space and how long they spend in certain locations, retailers can identify in-store behavior patterns to drive optimization. Heatmaps provide a intutive inteface to understand customer movement in store.

Visitors Analytics

Our software can break down visitor statistics both over time and by demographic distribution. It can help you predict the heaviest customers flow in a day based on age, gender and time. Typical example Demographic distribution can help you customize and analyze how effective marketing campaigns, manage your strategic and operative decision based on Insights.


Simple to deploy and adapt

Just plug in device and select cameras for analysis and you are up and running.

Secure and private

No videos or images of people is stored in the cloud. Our device uses built-in models to run analysis locally which collects the data points and does not collect personal information.

Low bandwidth requirements

We use Machine learning for Video and Image analysis on the local device so you do not need high bandwidth to analyze your video.

Multiple Camera capability

Increase and decrease number of cameras in the infrastructure to capture required analytics.

Simple API integration

Integrate data collected by ON-IQ Vision™ in your existing buisness solutions using our API, follwing tech OpenAPI specification.


ON-IQ Vision™ is also available as a Whitelabel product, contact us if you wish to include video analytics in your products.


We believe every customer is different when it comes to on-premise solutions, cloud, mobile applications or desktop.
ON-IQ has developed a flexible and scalable architecture to all the scenarios to meet every business needs.