Dive-in to Digital transformation

We always seeking out talented people to join us together towards shaping our future! Apply spontaneously or through the vacancy avalaible below

Available Position

Software Engineer

Work Location- Lund , Sweden
We would love to hear from you-
If you are passionate developer who likes to be challenged to solve complex problems with simple solutions.
Projects will demand your understanding and interest in machine learning and it's implementation, knowledge in both backend and frontend development, system integration and continous development.
You will have the opportunity to work with different industries and customers.

Your Challenges?
In the role you will take on different exciting projects where you work to simplify complex problems within our team and individually.
Your part of the work requires optimised software developmnet, efficient and qualitative systems.

What do we expect of you?
To fit into our team, we believe that you are analytical, have strong communication skills and have a great drive of your own, as well as an interest in creating business value softwares for our customers.
You have a high ability to work together in a team and like to share your knowledge and simple to adapt for gaining new skills.
You are a person who is simple to work with, is open to take inputs from your colleages to develop together.
You can easily find balance between working as a team and individually to deliver results.
Please do not apply if you do not like agile thinking, flexible plans and deciding spontaneus meetings.
It is to highest priority for us to keep our customers happy and satisfied and you take that with utmost priority.

You are a social person and like to participate in team building atmosphere through different activities. such as Sports activities, Retrospective meetings, Brownbag Lunches, Afterwork etc.

Your competence:

• University education in computer technology, statistics, mathematics, image analysis, algorithms
• Good knowledge of Python, Java, C++ or Javascript
• You can Linux, Ubuntu, docker, Git, Kubernetes
• Experience with Tensorflow or similar frameworks
• We would love to hear even more about your competencies
• Agile development

About Us
We are a consultant company with its core competencies in Machine learning and Computer Vision. We extend consultancy services to other companies and business partners for developing solutions to add real business value. We work both with "in house" projects and external projects as to help in building solutions and solving problems through simple to advanced technology implementaion.

Languages needed

• Swedish- Native
• English- fluent

Employment conditions

Full-time, open for part-time in the start